Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14/3/2012 Another chat with my orthodontist

I've been a bit slack here. Well, that and the fact that not much has happened. But that's about to change. I had a final talk with my orthodontist last week and we're good to go. Because I have an overseas trip planned for 1 month (departing in 2 weeks), we're post-poning the band-up appointment until after that.

One week after I get back, I'll be having impressions taken and the week following that, the brackets put on.

I'll pop some photos up once that gets under way. Can't say I'm too keen on getting braces again but at least it means the balls rolling. The predicted treatment duration is 12 months but they suggest it might be less time because I don't need too much movement in my teeth. The surgeon has recommended a 7mm setback so my orthodontist will be aiming to move my lower incisors forward to decompensate that amount.