Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6/06/2012 First Adjustment

A quick update:

I was VERY sore for a bout a week after my band-up. It wasn't an initial hit but by the end of that first day, I was reduced to soup. Anything chewy brought on tears.

This week was my first week of truly being able to chew ANYTHING.

So of course, it was time for a change of wires to throw off the balance again. I got upgraded to different wires and now have to use Cl II elastics which will bring my bottom teeth forward and upright my top teeth. Apparently there are different grades of elastics too and I'm on something called Pete, which is relatively soft and 'easy' on the teeth.

So far, that's proven true because I anticipated being in a world of pain by the end of today. Instead, I've been able to munch on just about anything I put into my mouth.

I hope it doesn't get much worst.

The elastics stay in all the time bar eating and cleaning. They get changed about 3 times a day.

They're not too visible or annoying/uncomfortable but I'm sure they'll be a social hindrance.