Friday, October 12, 2012

12/10/2012 Half way mark, perhaps

I haven't written anything in here for a while. There's been a number of adjustments, usually involving an upgrade in wire type. Earlier this week, I had my most recent adjustment where I not only progressed to a harder wire but also to a thicker elastic. It's a brutal combination!

There's been a noticeable difference to my bite. I have a definite anterior crossbite now i.e. my lower from teeth protrude beyond my upper front teeth by about 1mm. I expect that they are aiming for maybe 3-4mm so there's still a while to go. My profile is shocking (very obviously protruded bottom jaw). I knew that things would get worst before I could get the surgery to compensate... but to be honest it does affect my self esteem at times. Thank goodness I have tough skin and the full knowledge that I made this decision. In other words, I have no one to blame but myself!

At my previous appointment, my orthodontist gave me a rough estimate of "your surgery will be done in the first half of next year". I happen to be going overseas for 3 months next year between May and September so I predict I'll end up having the surgery done once I get back.

Anyway, that's the current situation. I'll tell him about my holiday plans next visit and let you know what the impact is. I will upload current photos if I get the time to take some.