Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9/04/2013 Pre Surgical Study Models

I'm nearly at the end of the pre-surgical journey. My teeth are more or less straight (my orthodontist can see tiny areas that can be tweaked that I can't see) and there's a definite underbite. I'd say that surgery would be possible in the next few months but I happen to be going away to Europe in a month for 14 weeks. That pretty much nterferes with the potential for speedy treatment so instead, I'm aiming for surgery November this year.

Today, I had upper and lower impressions taken again for the orthodontist and surgeon to study the bite. I potentially have 2 more adjustments before I go away and at this stage, I'm still not sure if I am supposed to book in with the surgeon before I leave or wait till I get back. I suppose we'll hang tight and see! All that's certain for now is I won't be smiling with teeth in my holiday snaps.