Monday, May 20, 2013

21/05/2013 Time for a major update

Not much was happening with my braces. From my presurgical models, my orthodontist deduced that my upper premolars weren't angled right so we started adjusting those with new wires. Not long after that, I had a bit of a spill where I landed on my face.

That was dramatic! Luckily, being a dentist I was able to get hold of the right people. An endodontist was kind enough to see me as an emergency patient that night. 3 of my top teeth had been knocked out of place, possibly due to the palate being fractured. 3 brackets off my bottom teeth were knocked clean off but the bottom teeth were fine. He repositioned my top teeth and applied a splint. I got some stitches in the bottom lip too.

All that was 2 weeks ago and today, I had the splint removed and the broken/lost brackets replaced. New orthodontic wires have been put in. The top 3 teeth are responding to cold, which shows they're still vital. If they lose vitality I'll have to get root canal (fingers crossed that doesn't happen!)

As far as my braces go, the orthodontic wires are serving as a splint now. I'm going overseas for 14 weeks next week so that's the current situation. I suppose when I get back, he'll reassess the situation but hopefully my surgery won't be delayed too much. I'm planning to get it done not long after I get back from Europe.