Thursday, June 26, 2014

26/06/2014 COUNTING DOWN

Hello all.

It's the 'eve' of the big surgery and I'm nervous as anything and DRUNK.

I'm sipping red by the gallons to calm the nerves. I have done pretty good so far with no real fear or anxiety but I think all the repressed feelings are surfacing now. It comes in waves and when it hits, even my hands go tingly and numb.

To distract myself, I've cleaned my house (something I would NEVER normally do) and packed my hospital bags, written lists of things to do while I'm in recovery (all the tedious tasks I've been putting off).

I've also packed on a heap of weight using the excuse "I can't eat for 4 weeks" to stomach whatever junk food I can get my hands on. Today I've done a series of 'before' body shots (not to be published here) to motivate myself to get back in shape after.

It's interesting to think that something localised to the mouth does end up having an impact all over.

I'm currently on savacol mouthrinses 3 x a day and antibiotics 3 x a day as a prophylactic to reduce oral bacteria pre-surgery.

Tomorrow, I get checked in at 11am and start fasting from 7.

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11/06/2014 2.5 weeks until surgery!

It's getting closer to D-Day and I thought I'd update with some cool casts of my teeth. My orthodontist gave me these to pass along to my oral surgeon and of course I can't help but play with them in my own time.

I've set up the models in the way my teeth are CURRENTLY and in how they are to be fitted during the surgery. There are front and profile shots of each position. I'm estimating a half tooth width retraction of the lower jaw?

 Current front view

 Current profile view

 Intended front view

Intended profile view