Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1/07/2014 - 4 days post op

I meant to write sooner because I think that most of these sentiments sound best 'fresh' but I didn't have access to a computer in hospital. By the time I was reunited with my laptop, the pain started setting in and now all I want to do is sleep and wait for it to be over.
Here are my thoughts chronologically, to the best of my memory.

Waking up after surgery:

  • I felt great! No pain; no nausea
  • I was in ICU and hooked up to a lot of tubes and things so going to pee was a nuisance
  • There were 2 x drains connected to my neck that were a bit annoying but honestly I had so many bits and pieces on me I could barely notice
  • Morphine drip helped me to sleep especially because the other guy in ICU was so noisy
  • I had no appetite for food

The next day:

  • Still feeling good. No pain or nausea. 
  • The drips in my neck were really starting to bother me so I couldn't wait for them to be taken out
  • They hurt getting taken out! But it was so worth it
  • I got disconnected from most of the other bits and pieces (ECG, pulse, BP, oxygen in nose, IV) so I could get up and walk around freely
  • When my own room was available, I was moved out of ICU

Two days later:
  • I felt almost normal. There was a lot of swelling but I was warned that swelling would peak at 48hrs so I braced myself and used a tonne of ice-packs
  • My neck itched like crazy from the bandages to cover the drain sites; I ripped them off as soon as I got home
  • I got to go home a day early. Horray!

Since I've been home:

My face keeps growing o.o

From maybe the 3rd day post-op, a dull ache started being a feature of my symptoms. That and extreme swelling. I mean, my mum looks at me and spontaneously bursts out laughing... that kind of swelling. I use ice-packs constantly because it helps with the swelling and the pain but I don't sleep sitting up (as recommended) because of lower back pain. I wonder if that would make a difference to the swelling at all.

Eating at home has been surprisingly easy. Dad's made a bunch of different soups, juices, smoothies and blended veggies so I just take my pick for various meals. Plus oats for brekky. I find I'm not that hungry anyway and even watching amazing foods on Masterchef doesn't really incite too much jealousy.


So huge!

Today we visited my surgeon for a review. Everything's looking good and unfortunately for me, that means I gotta start wearing the bands today. They are 4 x rubber bands that go from the top teeth to the bottom teeth to sort of hold it all together. My mouth is so sore now. It's like that fresh after ortho adjustment feeling of tightness plus everything else that's going on. *sigh* I can only hope it gets better and easier. At least I can take the rubber bands out to eat.

As of yet I can't really visualise the results of the surgery because I'm so swollen. In fact, I couldn't be bothered to censor these photos because I like to think they're so far from what I normally look like anyway. My teeth are in Cl 1 though!

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