Monday, July 14, 2014

15/07/2014 2.5 weeks post op

I was planning to update at 2 weeks post op but I didn't get around to it for one main reason: I'm almost fully-functioning again, so I've been too busy just enjoying life.

Practically all the swelling is down. I think (hope) that there is still a tiny bit of swelling in my lower cheek and neck. I say 'hope' because if it isn't, it just means my cheeks are fat. Only time will tell, I guess.

My facial profile has improved heaps although the upper lip looks quite big? Maybe that's just from my braces though, and the fact I've never had an overbite before. I'm worried that bringing my lower jaw back has made my neck look droopier??? But common sense tells me that if I start falling into the trap of focusing on every flaw, I'll end up Miss Plastic.

I can eat most things as long as they're not too hard or chewy or require large mouth opening. This is good in a way but bad in that I planned to lose a lot of weight these four weeks and now it looks like that's not going to happen!

I saw my orthodontist again today and he's concerned about posterior cross-bite on one side, which we'll focus on correcting after I finish wearing my surgical elastics. There will be another 2 weeks of those.

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