Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2/07/2014 Those BLOODY BANDS

Here I was thinking I could cruise through recovery with barely more discomfort than swelling to content with. Up till now, I didn't know what pain truly was. In fact, it's still not the pain of my actual jaw, ie where the bone was broken and replated, that actually hurts. It's my TEETH. My teeth are so, so, so sore and they have been since those cursed elastics got put on yesterday.

I previously described the feeling as like a really strong orthodontic adjustment x many. It is like that... it's a strong, dull ache from the root of each tooth that's being pulled by the elastic bands. The resultant pain resonates through my entire head. During the day it's awful enough and unlike the discomfort of swelling, cold packs only have limited effect.

At night though... that's another story.

I pretty much had my worst night since the surgery. I had a couple of Panadeine forte before going to bed and that knocked me out until midnight. Woke with aching teeth... contemplated just putting up with it but the pain was just all-consuming. I got up to take some more pain meds and realised I couldn't because of the bands. So I unbanded, popped meds, rebanded. Went downstairs to change the water in my hot water bottle. And then I suddenly felt really nauseous. It was a supreme race to get upstairs, unband again (it's a tweezer-neccessary job) and spew up the pain meds. Exhausted, I just collapsed on the floor hating life and feeling sorry for myself.

Dad rescued me and put me back in bed and eventually, I think the sheer exhaustion put me back to sleep. There was a minor pause in my rest where the guilt of not wearing the torture bands overwhelmed me so I got up to put them back in... I am an A+ patient :).

Today has been better. They are still sore but either my pain tolerance has increased or my teeth are toughening up but it doesn't seem as bad. I haven't had any pain meds because of that vomitting reaction. I feel more 'energetic' although that's all relative. Dad challenged me to walk up and down the stairs 5 x today (he has a 2 story house, nothing huge) and by the 4th walk I was gripping onto the handrails. I nearly fell at the 5th.

It really goes to show how not being able to eat ends up affecting the rest of your body.

In positive news, my swelling has gone down a bit. I can start to see my dimple again! And bruising is starting to become visible. I never thought I'd think of that as a good thing.

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