Thursday, July 3, 2014

4/07/2014 - One week post-op

This time last week I was getting ready to check into the hospital!

They say the first week is the worst so I'm glad that's now behind me.

To be honest, it wasn't all that bad. I haven't really experienced much in the way of pain from the jaw itself. The worst pain I had was teeth pain from the elastics but that has (thank goodness) gotten better in the last few days.

Swelling was the primary feature in the first few days after surgery but it's reducing slowly. Every morning when I wake up, I check my face. It's always slightly improved but not as much as I'd like it to be!

I think I now just look like a too-chubby version of myself rather than a face-morphed sumo monster.

Today, the thing annoying me the most is that my fat cheeks have been chutting into my braces (or should that be the other way around) so they're a bit sore on the inside. I plan to buy some ortho wax today and seal it all up. I'm also lisping a bit, I guess because of my increased overbite due to elastics. That doesn't bother me too much since I can't talk anyway.

My appetite is still meh. I haven't had anything substantial for breakfast and the thought of eggs just turns my tummy. I swear something happened to me during my hospital stay wherein I went in as someone who ate eggs and came out as someone who can't stand the thought of them.

You might be able to see in my picture but I've got a weird green neck bruise that extends down from my chin to chest. I would say that's just from the drains and it doesn't bother me at all.

My right jaw, down near my neck, feels a bit weird sometimes. When I yawn it almost feels like the muscle is twinging. Anyway, again, it's not a big issue.

I'm functioning like a regular human being again. Yesterday was my first day of just walking around and doing regular-person stuff like blogging, watching tv, painting and reading. Last night I had a proper sleep from start to finish, not interrupted by waking up to take painkillers.

Overall, it's all looking good.

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